OB vans

Modern equiped and well maintained OB vans

Optimal modular design of OB vans provides original and complete solutions for all types of life streamings and recordings. We have a modern equiped and well-maintained OB vans, which allows the execution of productions in HD technology.

Ob van OB-1 with sixteen-camera chains is designed for complex projects. It is equiped with the most recognizable broadcast brands: SONY, GRASS VALLEY, EVERTZ, STUDER.

Ob van OB-2 with a six-camera chains is designed for effective and economical implementation of high-quality productions.

The client will surely like good design of both vehicles. Built-in broadcast equipment will enable the implementation of the project in superior quality of picture and sound.


Cameras:2x Sony HDC3300R Superslow
12x Sony HDC 3100
2x IndieCam + Bradley Remote camera system
Lenses:8x standard (22x)
2x Tele (99x)
2x Tele (90x)
4x Wide (4.5x)
Tripods:13x Standard Tripod
1x ABC crane 12m
1x Orbiter Camera Seat
Video switcher:Sony MVS 3000
Monitor:Vision: 6x 43′ Sony LCD Multiview
Slomo desk: 6x 43′ Sony LCD Multiview
Measure: 3x Sony 17′ OLED, 2x 43′ Sony LCD Multiview
Tech desk: 2x 43′ Sony LCD Multiview
Audio: 3x Craltech Quad LCD

Video matrix:Evertz 128×256
Measure:2x Harris CMN-91
Audio:Studer VISTA 5 (64 Analog Inputs, 64 AES Inputs, 64 MADI)
4x Sennheiser SKM 6000
6x Sennheiser SK 5212
16x Sennheiser MKH 416
1x Surround Microphone DPA 5100
1x PC with 4ch audio card and Jingle player
Intercom:ClearCom Pico 36 port
5x Wireless Tempest
5x ClearCom party line
ISDN,GSM, IP hybrid
2x Sonifex Commentary unit CM-CU21
Conversion:2x LAWO vPro 8
2x Riedel MicroN
Slomo deck:3x Grass Valley 3G Summit + 3x K2 Dyno Video Replay (6ch IN / 4ch OUT)
1X Sony XDS-1000
1x LGZ USB Recorder


Cameras:5 x Sony HDC-1700
1 x Sony HDC3300R Superslow
Lenses:4x standard (22x)
1x tele (99x)
4x wide (4,5; 4,8; 6.0; 4,7)
Tripods:6x Standard Tripod
Video switcher:Ross Carbonite Ultra
Monitor:Vision: 1x 42′ Sony LED Multiview
Slomo desk: 4x HP ProDesk 23′
Measure: 1x Sony 17′ OLED
Audio: 1x 32′ Sony LED Multiview
Video matrix:Ross Ultrix 32×32
Measure:Tektronix WFM 5200
Audio:Yamaha QL1(64MADI I/O, 32 AES Inputs, Dante)
4x Sennheiser SKM 6000
4x Sennheiser SK 5212
4x Sennheiser MKH 416
1x AEQ Olympia 3 commentary unit
Intercom:AEQ Crossnet 72
3x Wireless RadioCom
3x ClearCom party line
Conversion:1x Lawo Vpro8
Slomo deck:1x K2 3G Summit + 2x Dyno S Replay
1x Sony PMV-EX30
1x BlackMagic Decklink Studio
1x LGZ USB Recorder